The menu


Homemade cheese croquettes / herb dip

Cheesy meatballs / tomato sauce / parmesan

Deep-fried kibbeling (fish) / fresh tartare / lemon

Rillette / home made with toast

White rump / pickle sauce

Spring rolls / sweet-sour

Calamari / fresh tartar

Nobashi shrimp / spicy dipping sauce

Shelf "RSTL"
charcuterie and cheese / 2pers

Plank "Gulden Spoor"
assortment hot and cold / 4 pers
assortment hot and cold / 6 pers

Warming up


Herbal cream / bacon / coarse bread


Netebuk pâté

Hot raisin / herb salad / onion jam


Toast Mushroom

Herb lettuce


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Homemade Chickenfingers / apple dip

Meatballs / tomato sauce

Fish strips / lettuce

Steak / meat gravy / lettuce

Cheese croquette / lettuce


Served with bread or belgian fries

Salad goat's cheese

Wildemans pear / bacon / toast / "Ladybuk"


Salad waldorf

Fried chicken / green apple / walnut


Salad Thai Beef

Entrecote / sesame / sweet chili


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Crumble of smoked paprika / gruyere


Pasta forrestière (veggie without bacon)

Bacon / forest mushroom / green herbs


Spaghetti arrabiata (veggie)

Olive / tomato / parmesan


Pasta "1983"

Scampi / chicory / grain mustard / mature cheese


Pike perch fillet

Autumn vegetables / gravy / brewer risotto


Fish pan "RSTL"

Salmon / cod / megrim / redfish / fries


Fried cod

Smoked / pumpkin / muslin / fries


On the grill:

Beef steak / Belgian white-blue

Irish Rib-eye / smokey BBQ

Cote à 'l os 2 persons / Belgian white-blue

Sirloin steak / rosemary garlic

Fillet Pur / Black angus / pepper & sea salt
Baked in the butter

All meat dishes are served with fresh fries, salad & sauce of your choice:
Quadruple shallot sauce, meat gravy, Tripel béarnaise, crème de la crème


Wild stew of deer

"Christmas buk" / speculaas / Chicory salad / almond croquettes


beef stew

"G. Double "/ salad / mayo / fries


Steak tartare from Belgian white-blue

Salad / hairdresser / onion / fries

A maximum of 5 different dishes per table


Apple / crumble / caramelised ice cream

Fresh baked brownie / vanilla sauce / almond

Flan / salted caramel / ice cream

Dame Blanche

Parfait of hazelnut & nutella

Children ice cream with smarties

Sabayon from "G.S. blond "(from 2pers.)

Sparkling wine "Chocolate in a bottle"